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Learn Beekeeping 2019




Following three successful seasons, BeeEducated is now recruiting Trainee Beekeepers for 2019!

In 2019 we will be running two beekeeper training programmes from two training apiaries to give more people the opportunity to learn this amazing hobby. The two training programmes start at the beginning of January and places need to be booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

How Beekeeper Training works

The first programme is the theory and only last 12 weeks. We call this the Knowledge training. The second is a season-long training programme which provides the underpinning theory and practical to give trainee beekeepers the skills needed to look after bees. We call this the Knowledge and Skill training.

Anyone who participates in either of the training programmes will receive a year's membership to our closed members group on Facebook where all members upload their reviews of the colonies they inspected along with bee-related pictures and videos etc. This is our main way of communication.

All members will have access to the BE SHOP where discounted bee equipment is sold to members only.

Knowledge Training

We have developed a theory based training programme lasting 12 weeks through the cold nights of winter to enable our beekeepers to be ready for the fast approaching bee and swarm season. Between January and April, you will learn to understand the problems that honeybees are up against, how their colony works, what they need, what they don't want and most importantly the role of the beekeeper to keep these amazing creatures alive!

All knowledge sessions last around one and a half hours at your chosen apiary training room. These sessions are the same across sites so if you cannot make a session at one location, you can attend the session at the other. Please see the locations below for more details.

Payment of £60 by bank transfer to secure places.

Knowledge and Skill Training

This programme has been designed to give new beekeepers a real experience of what is it like to keep honeybees through the whole season. Following on from the knowledge sessions, trainee beekeepers will start the season be shadowing others and developing their knowledge into practical tasks including inspecting beehives. As the season progresses, trainees will be able to attend swarm collections, learn how to monitor mite infestations and deal with swarm preparations in colonies. As trainees become more confident and demonstrate good practice, trainees will be allocated to colonies to work with through the season.

All members of this programme will receive an apiary guide for reference.

Although protective suits are available for trainees to wear, it is recommended that trainees buy their own bee suit in April at the spring convention to save costs and no prevent sizing problems. It is recommended that wellington boots are worn in the apiaries as they can become moody in rainy period and offer the most protection against bee stings.

For bio-security reasons, you will not be allowed to bring any other beekeeping items into the apiaries to avoid the spread of infections and diseases. 90% of our beekeepers do not wear gloves when attending the bees as this can alter the feel and gentleness of how you handle the bees however you can use disposable if needed. No other gloves are allowed to be used.

By the end of the season, trainees will have seen how to manage a colony through swarm season, how to feed, treat for varroa, manage pests build and maintain equipment and should feel confident enough that they will be able to support a colony in future years.

Payment of £195 by bank transfer to secure places.

Wilmslow Animal Sanctuary (Humane Education Society) - Mondays at 6:30pm

Riverbank Community Garden (Behind Co-op Food) - Tuesdays at 6:30