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Learn Beekeeping in 2020

Training for Trainee Beekeepers

BeeEducated is a not for profit, community based education programme whose mission is to increase the numbers of honeybee colonies in South Manchester and the surrounding areas. We educate locals, committees and businesses in how to keep and sustain healthy and productive colonies. We're committed to improving stocks resistance to disease, prolificacy and propensity for hard work; developing beekeepers understanding to work with and react to environmental change and through selection and breeding.
BeeEducated is not just for beginners! Beekeepers return year on year to improve knowledge, practice their skills, network and share ideas and best practice.

How BeeEducated works

All members MUST complete knowledge training at least once before they can participate and contribute to our sessions or discussions in anyway to ensure that everyone is at a consistent level of knowledge and understanding. Once knowledge training is completed, practical sessions take place at one of our training apiaries around Manchester & Cheshire. Places are limited for practical training, so places are reserved in advance.

How BeeEducated Knowledge Training works

Starting in January 2020, BeeEducated Knowledge Training will be delivered using an online virtual classroom where you will see and interact with your Tutor, ask questions and take part in knowledge assessment by completing online activities such as quizzes etc. The platform used is called zoom and it allows you to connect and see your classroom and trainer through a smart phone, tablet or computer. The training is similar to attending a classroom or lecture hall without the need to go anywhere as long as you have a device and an internet connection. When you connect to the training room, you will be asked to connect your audio so that you can hear your trainer. You will not be asked to speak or show your video unless you wish to after the training has stop and the recording of the training has ended.

The format for the training is normally a presentation delivered by your trainer with a chat facility to ask question which will be answered by the trainer at the end of each slide.

At the end of the session, the trainer will make the URL of the assessment activity to identify what you have learnt and to see if there are any areas that you need support in.
In addition to attending the training, you can always watch back the training session after it has happened and continue to ask questions and get support from the trainer.

Between Knowledge Training session

All members are invited to our close members Facebook group where events for each week knowledge training is added along with links to the recording, materials and assessment activities.
If you have any questions after the training sessions or wish to comment and ask others opinions on the knowledge given, you can comment on posts and ask your fellow trainee beekeepers.
You train will respond to comments that they have been tagged in and support through this group where possible before the next training session.
All members enrolled on the either the “Knowledge Only” or “Knowledge with Practical” will be members of the “BeeEducated 2020 Knowledge Training Group”

What you will learn

Zoom room at 6:30pmTopic
Saturday 04 January 2020Induction & Q&A
Sunday 05 January 2020The colony
Sunday 12 January 2020Starting right with bees
Sunday 19 January 2020Honey production colonies & feeding
Sunday 26 January 2020Bee Improvement
Sunday 02 February 2020Queen rearing
Sunday 09 February 2020Making an increase
Sunday 16 February 2020Swarming
Sunday 23 February 2020Handling and Examining Bee Colonies
Sunday 01 March 2020Managing Varroa
Sunday 08 March 2020Apiary & Hive Hygiene
Sunday 15 March 2020Disease Recognition
Sunday 22 March 2020Production hives, Cell builders and Queen banks
Sunday 29 March 2020NBU & The Law

In addition to the above, you are invited to practical frame and hive building sessions. All hive building sessions are held at our training room near our Chorlton based apiary.
• 2pm on Saturday 25th January 2020
• 2pm on Saturday 22nd February 2020
• 2pm on Saturday 28th March 2020

Any pictures from the frame and hive building sessions will be uploaded to the Facebook “BeeEducated 2020 Knowledge Training Group”.

The cost for the above “Knowledge Training” is £60 and payable by bank transfer following your booking. Please see full details of how to book on the booking process on your Booking Form page.

When you complete the booking form, select “Knowledge Only” and submit the details required. You will receive an email giving bank details for the transfer and instructions to join our Facebook group. Your place will be reserved for 48 hours to make payment. If you have any problems making the payment or joining our Facebook group, please email or call 0161 821 1947.

For more information about our practical training apiaries, please visit one of the following apiary pages:

If you would like more information abut BeeEducated or would like to get in touch, you can do so by completing the form below. We will contact you back within a few days but you will receive an automated email containing our contact number if you need to get a response sooner.