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Welcome to BeeEducated 2021

Training for new beekeepers

At BeeEducated we can train people of all ages to keep bees safely and enjoy a wonderful hobby that help boosts the number of pollinators and raise the standards of beekeeping. Maintaining and protecting healthy and productive bees requires a good standard of knowledge and skill. Beekeeping is made much easier by belonging to an organisation where knowledge and queries can be shared and discussed.

As a member of BeeEducated you will learn the knowledge and skills you need to be a responsible beekeeper. Growing your colony and harvesting honey at the end of the season as well as collecting swarms and building hives can all be part of the beekeeping experience.

Some recommended reading

“BBKA Guide to Beekeeping”
by Dr Ivor Davis NDB

“Keeping Bees”
by Pam Gregory and Claire Waring

“Better Beginnings for Beekeepers”
by Adrian Waring

“Beekeeping. A Practical Guide”
by Roger Patterson

“Bees at the Bottom of the Garden”
by Alan Campion

NB: Bees do not read these books so although extra reading is helpful it is not definitive nor is it a replacement for experience.

For further information please email or feel free to call us on 0161 821 1947.

If you would like more information abut BeeEducated or would like to get in touch, you can do so by completing the form below. We will contact you back within a few days but you will receive an automated email containing our contact number if you need to get a response sooner.