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Wilmslow (BEHQ)

BeeEducated - Wilmslow

BeeEducated started this Apiary in 2014 and delivered its first training group here in 2015. There are 9 working colonies which provide 18 places to trainee and returning beekeepers. 

Following on from knowledge training between January and April, new and returning beekeepers will attend their first Apiary inspection at 6:30pm on Monday 7th April 2020 and continues every Tuesday at this time for the duration of the season to inspect colonies for infection, disease and signs of warming.

The apiary is situated the at the back the paddocks at Wilmslow Animal Sanctuary.


Each member will be paired and allocated to a colony to of honeybees that they will work with for the duration of the season. Practical sessions are reactive and proactive to situations based on weather, varroa mite levels, colony size and presence of predators, infections and diseases.

All members who opt for the “Knowledge with Practical” will be invited to the “BeeEducated 2020 Practical Training Group” from April 2020 which will contain all hive records and posts from previous years along and will be tagged into their hive record for the colony that they will be allocated to. Each week the beekeepers update their hive records with images and a commentary of the progress and activities undertaken.

In addition to the above, all practical members are insured to not only deal with the groups bees but also collect swarms of bees that we are alerted to. This activity is something that is not guaranteed but if members would like notification of a swarm and to take part in the collection, members are asked to join a Facebook messenger group where notifications will be instant.

The cost of the knowledge training an skills practical sessions at BEHQ is £195 for the whole season. All funds go to the running costs of the group including insurance for swarm collecting, selling honey and stocking the hives and replenishing consumables.

We recommend buying your own suit before the season starts in April 2020 but please wait until you have attended knowledge training as many people spend money on expensive equipment such as suits that are not required.


Places available:0
Places awaiting payment:0
Places taken:20

This information is updated each evening at 9pm until all places are taken or until the Knowledge Training starts (Sunday 05 January 2020).

When completing the booking form, select the appropriate apiary for skill training and submit the details required on the booking form.

Your place will be reserved for 48 hours and you will be sent an email containing details of how to pay for your membership via bank transfer. If you have any problems making the payment or joining our Facebook group, please email or call 0161 821 1947.

Once your payment has been received, you will receive another email inviting you to our BE2020 Facebook group where all updates on training will be given.

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