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Sale (BES)

Learn Beekeeping at the BeeEducated Apiary in Sale

Places are on hold at the moment, please let us know if you are interested.

Based at the back of an allotment site at the Walton Road Allotments in Sale, the new BeeEdcucated Apiary has a maximum of 4 learners in 2 hives. Following on from theory sessions between January and April, you will meet your trainer and fellow learners at "The Hut" on Thursdays at 18:30 where you will start to build and paint the hives ready for the bees at the end of April. Once the bees arrive in 'nucs', you will learn to move these into hives and maintain the colony through the season.

As this is a new apiary site, is it not yet clear what ground maintenance will be required but as a general rule, the site should be clear of rubbish and weeds. Bushes need to be cut back and trimmed, pathways must be free from trip and slip hazards and general apiary health and safety rules apply such as emptying smokers in a suitable place to prevent fires.

If you would like one of the 4 places at this apiary site, use the papal button below to enrol. Payment will only go through if there are places available to prevent overbooking. If you have any queries, please use the contact form.

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