BE2018 Enrolment & Induction

For enrolment to take place, members should have paid their membership fee as per the information on the membership page. Once payment has been received, the enrolment will take place.

A link to the enrolment form will be given out from 1st January 2018. The enrolment form will ask you to create an account where you can create, update and remove your personal details. You will be asked to upload 2 emergency contact details, any information needed in case of a medical emergency such as medication and medical conditions along with your address and date of birth. This data will be encrypted on a GDPR approved server. Once you have completed all of the enrolment form including a photo, you will be given an induction date.

If you would like to receive text messages to alert you of a swarm, you must opt in either at enrolment or by updating your details. By accessing your account you can opt In or out from swarm alert messages at any time.

THE INFORMATION GATHERED AND STORED IS ONLY ACCESSIBLE IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY! In the event of an emergency the Photo ID is needed to release your emergency details. If you lose your ID you must report it lost to the secretary immediately. It is your responsibility to ensure your details are up to date as it is not possible for anyone to check for you.

Your ID will also be used to sign in and out of sessions so you must keep it with you at all times when attending events.

Please note that thisaccount will expire on 31/12/2018 and all data will be deleted to ensure we comply with the GDPR coming into effect from May 2018.

Induction will take place at BeeEducated HQ on Saturday 6th January, (Wilmslow)) at 1pm. Then at 3pm at BD (Brooks Drive Hale Barnes). Then again, Sunday 7th January at 1pm RB (River Bank Chorlton). Please ensure you bring wellies and a bee suit if you have one as we have a limited number of spares available. You will not be allowed to participate in the treatment of Oxalic Acid unless you have your Photo ID, wellies and a borrowed or owned veil.

All members are encouraged to join the BeeEducated Members Facebook group where all event will be listed. Members can share information pics and comments. There will be a regular quiz held on this group and members are encouraged to participate for fun. Any updates to training or events will be listed in this group and once a SWARM has been made, updates on the swarms progress via pics and comments will be on a post on this group.


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