BE2020 – Terms & Conditions of Membership

For the health and safety for the members of the group, the bees and to confirm to the terms and conditions agreed by our insurance and land owners on which we practice bee husbandry, all members, volunteers and other parties MUST agree to and abide by the following terms and conditions.

Payment of Membership

All membership fees are calculated at £5 per week based on the amount of training is expected through the duration of the season for the individual. Based on a new member, there are 12-13 weeks of knowledge training delivered totalling the cost of £60 for the individual. This money goes towards new colonies for the season, swarms and any queen rearing or apiary gardening/pollinator projects.

Full knowledge and skills training is based on a 39-40 week season consisting of 12-13 weeks of knowledge as above and 26-27 weeks of practical sessions weather permitting totalling £195.

Returning members who have already contributed to the group can attend all session for £130 for the season.

If new or returning members wish to spread the cost of their membership, a non-returnable deposit of £50 is needed to secure the place and the remaining of the cost can be split of the months leading the start of the training.

It is expected that all members pay the entirety of their membership fee by 1st January each year to allow for the group to buy supplied in the January sales.

All payments must be made by bank transfer to:

Bank Name: BeeEducated

Sort Code:30-96-26

Account: 20943468

Communication – We use FaceBook & Zoom!

Our official address is: BeeEducated, Wilmslow Animal Sanctuary, Eccups Lane, Wilmslow Cheshire, SK9 5LN

Contact & Swarm number: 0161 821 1947

Facebook groups, events and messenger


Equality & Diversity

We have a diverse group of members who come from a range of different backgrounds and members are expected to respect and not offend other members of the group intentionally or repeatedly.

Knowledge & Skill Training Sessions



Training eticate

Swarm Collections & Quarantine Procedure

BE Shop

Apiary Training Sessions

Suitable footwear such as wellington boots must be worn at the Apiary.

Members will attend on time and report to reception at the time of activity.
· Members must not enter the paddocks or Apiary unattended or without permission.
· Beekeeping suits are to be worn at all times in the Apiary. Your suit should be on and the hood should be attached.
· During the beekeeping season, (April to October) colonies MUST be inspected every 7–10 days and most inspections will take place on a Sunday unless agree with the Apiary Manager.

· Within your allocated group, you will manage the colony, ensuring that it is inspected, taking into account holidays and the weather. The needs of your group’s colony must be put first.
· Planned non-attendance needs to be reported at reception to ensure your group is aware and arrangements can be made to support you colony if needed.
· Property of the group is maintained and cleaned.
· Activities such as re-queening, giving treatments or performing shook swarms and merges must be agree with the Apiary Manager before carrying out the activity.
· Records are completed, kept and updated on BeeBase.
· The needs of the Apiary come first and all members need to ensure that it has sufficient funds to continue to operate and support the colonies.
· Any swarms collected are to become the BeeEducated group’s property if the swarm’s location is identified by members of the community.
· All members will respect each other and treat people fairly in line with the equality act.
· All members will respect the rules of the Animal Sanctuary and its residents. 

Any member deemed to be noncompliant with the commitments and Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the group and have their membership terminated without warning. 

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