BeeEducated is on track for starting on 3rd January 2016 and we are inviting people to register their interest so that we can contact them nearer to the time. The free training is available to anyone who is willing to become a member, buy their own suit and commit the looking after a colony of bees as part of a team.

We are currently in the process of getting a fence that will section off the Apiary from the paddock and once this is in place, we will erect the greenhouses and move the hives onto the site.

We have loads of ideas of ways to raise funds for the group and welcome ideas from members. As this is our first year in running the course, we are hoping that we can rise funds to get suits and hive equipment so that we can have as many people participate as possible. The more hives we have the more people that can do the practice training.

We are always looking for support from local businesses to help with the cost a new hives at the sanctuary. Companies and individuals who sponsor a hive will receive updates on the hives progress along with free honey at the end of the year. As a guide on the cost of a hive, a Cedar hive with frames and queen excluder is around £180 and a 5 frame colony of bees is also around £180.

As bees naturally swarm to reproduce, in a good season, we can get more colonies but need hives to put them in.

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