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Learn Beekeeping with BeeEducated

Every year since 2015, BeeEducated groups have run projects to educate the local community on the importance of supporting pollinators through beekeeping. Educational training is delivered as part of open days, beekeeper taster sessions, experience days, beekeeper training and online courses. Each season, the training evolves to incorporate developments in colony numbers, training methods, the changing climate and combatting increasing pressure from parasites. Our production apiaries near Manchester Airport are also Sentinel Apiaries that are monitored to support the National Bee Unit's Bee Inspectors in their efforts to detect non-native pests and parasites that will affect the UK's honeybee population.

Learning Beekeeping starts with the theory!

Before working with the colonies, our new learner beekeepers are provided with the fundamental knowledge of the honey bee colony's makeup, lifecycle, seasonal development, management, detection and prevention of the effects of parasites, infections and diseases. Managing and being responsible for livestock requires a level of responsibility and commitment, for this reason, new beekeepers wishing to continue their learning of beekeeping after the theory is completed, must complete all the learning activities and module quiz's by the time the season to gain a place in our training apiary.

The theory of beekeeping is vital to beekeepers being able to keep colonies alive and because this learning is so important, the theory is open to anyone including existing beekeepers who wish to refresh their knowledge. All new beekeepers, returning beekeepers and existing beekeepers from all areas are welcome to join our Online Theory Beekeeping Course!

Online Beekeeping Theory Course - for all! (£60.00)

Our Online Beekeeping Theory course starts on Sunday 09/01/2022 at 18:30h on Zoom and continues every Sunday thereafter at 18:30h. The final theory session is on Sunday 27/03/2022. Each session lasts 60-90 mins and is packed with explanations, videos, pictures, story shares as well as a Q&A session. We value everyone's interactions, and no question is a silly question because all our beekeepers, whether new or experienced, are still learning and will be for the rest of their life as a beekeeper!

The course is split into 5 modules:

  • Colony Management;
  • Pests, Parasites, Infections and Diseases;
  • Swarming and Swarm Control,
  • Feeding and Honey Crops; and
  • General Beekeeping Husbandry.

Each week the Zoom session is followed by a multiple-choice knowledge check quiz on our learning platform to test and reinforce the knowledge from the session. At the end of each module, you are awarded an online badge of completion. Upon successful completion of all modules and badges, you will be awarded your 2022 BeeEducated Theory Certificate, which you can print and keep to demonstrate your knowledge of beekeeping.

The modules are designed to provide new and existing beekeepers with knowledge of how the honeybee colony evolve throughout the year, the problems that cause the health decline of bees and how to maximise the potential of the colony surviving winter.

It is strongly recommended that you take part in practical beekeeping sessions or are mentored before purchasing a hive and colony. Anyone who successfully completes all modules of the theory by 01/05/22 will be invited to join our practical beekeeper training which starts on Monday 4th April 2022.

To enrol on the Online Beekeeper Theory Course, go to our Online Shop and purchase where you will have the option to reserve a place for the practical training too!

Full Season Beekeeper Training (£185.00)

On successful completion of the Online Beekeeping Theory course, knowledge checks and end of module quizzes before 01/05/2022, new beekeepers can secure a place in our training apiary at The Animal Sanctuary, Wilmslow to carry out a full season on beekeeping. From Monday 4th April 2022, beekeepers will meet every Monday at 18:30 and perform hive inspections to ensure the health and wellbeing of the colony. Practical sessions will include hive maintenance, swarm prevention, chemical and biotechnical methods for varroa control and anything that the season throws our way.

Beekeepers are asked to sign a commitment statement for the management of our livestock follow health, safety and biosecurity policies and maintain hive inspection records as part of good practice. Beekeepers who have completed the Online Beekeeper Theory Course and have agreed to the commitments are given the equipment needed and supported to purchase the most suitable PPE for their needs.

Limited Places Available

Enrollment closes 31/12/2021. Although there will be facilities for a large about of theory only places, there is a maximum of 12 practical places which will be reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. There will be a waiting list for practical places if needed.

If you would like to complete the full seasons training, please ensure that you reserve a place for practical sessions when purchasing enrolling through our Online Shop.

Beekeeping Taster & Experience Sessions

Throughout the season, there are experiences and taster sessions available. If you would like to be informed of any of these sessions, please use our Contact Form.