Getting ready for the GDPR

As of May 2018, there is new legislation on Data Protection coming into effect which is called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This will enforce greater penalties for breaches of personal information. As, a data handler and controller and being responsible for teaching information handling in my main job role, I want to ensure that BE2018 does not fail to meet these requirements.

On 1st December 2017, all emails addresses held by BeeEducated will be emailed, giving information about the BE2018 project and notified that as of this email, we will no longer store any personal data relating to the person who the email address belongs to. They are invited to join BE2018 by contacting the Secretary and can keep up to date via the Facebook page @BeeEducatedWilmslow. (This ensures that the data subject has the right to remove themselves if they no longer wish to receive information and updates.)

Between 1st and 31st December 2017, all whatsapp and Facebook groups will be closed, except the closed Facebook group named “BeeEducated Members Group”, where current members will be removed and BE2018 members will be invited. Members have the opportunity to accept/decline or leave this group at any time. Members are responsible for their own privacy settings on their Facebook accounts which enables BeeEducated members to contact other members without gaining or holding personal information.

On 31st December BeeEducated will no longer have access to anyone’s personal data except from the names and contact number of members who have paid for BE2018 to secure places or for returning members. These will be held by the secretary until enrolment has been completed.

The enrolment process will enable you to create a secure account, where personal details will only be give out in the event of an emergency. We will produce a Photo ID card which will be needed for every BE session.

From January 2018 all members will have a BE account where the can edit, update and remove personal data, and be able to delete personal data should they want to. BE will only be able to access personal information in the event of an emergency and at the end of the season, your account and personal details will be deleted automatically. If you continue your membership in 2019, you will be required to complete a new enrolement.

I hope you understand that as a not for profit group, none compliance of the GDPR for, may 2018 could cause difficulty for us in the future and the changes that will take place will be for the benefit of the groups future.

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