Honeybee colony destroyed

Honeybee colony destroyed

American Foulbrood (AFB) was discovered in a colony in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. September saw the destruction of hives by being burned down to prevent the spores from escaping with a cost of over 150,000 bees. Honeyhill bee farm are counting the cost. The disease is carried upon the equipment the beekeeper uses and is transferred to other hives by poor hygiene and lackadaisical care.

The Scottish government have restricted the movement of bees and bee keeping equipment in the area in order to try and contain the outbreak. People are urged to not buy or use second hand equipment as the spores from AFB can survive for years, and enjoy the copious amounts of neglect heaped upon beekeeping by some less than caring bee keepers.

Yvonne Davidson, said “AFB was found at a remote apiary in Tarland. It has no association with Tarland Bee Group.”

The Scottish government acknowledge there is no direct risk to public health, but stepped short on acknowledging that the bees play a most significant part in food production and of the production of the wheat and oats used to make Whisky.

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