Membership cost for 2018

From April to October you will join one of three apiary groups, Wilmslow (BEHQ), Hale Barnes (BEBD) and Chorlton (BERB). When securing a place on the training programme, please check that there is space at your desired apiary as places are limited. Before making payment please contact the BE Secretary to check there is space available. Once you have checked availability, payment can be made by bank transfer and your contact details will be kept by the Secretary until enrolment starts between 1st and 6th January

To contact the group secretary, go to Facebook @BeeEducatedWilmslow and use the message button to ask about availability.

New Member – As a new Beekeeper on our course, you will be responsible for the health and welfare of a colony of bees, guided by the Apiary manager and other members of the BeeEducated group, once you have completed all the theory sessions. You will learn how to manage a colony through the seasons and how to prevent, identify and deal with many of the issues that harm honey bees in the UK.
The cost of the training is £164 and is none refundable. For new members who are unemployed, retired or economically inactive, a concession is available at £123. Please ensure you can attend the theory and practical session along with check availability at your chosen apiary before making a payment.

Children over 8 can attend free with a paying adult.

Continuing Membership – Thank you for coming back! We hope you will join us in supporting new beekeepers again this year! Membership is £124 or £93 with concession. There is an additional membership group for part time continuing members who work shifts or have health problems that will mean that they will not be attend at least 50% of the events. This option is only available by prior approval from the HQ Apiary Manager. Part time membership is £50.

Your Membership will also be used to purchase necessary equipment, food and insurances to support the bee’s and the educational project. This is to supplement any grants and donations we may receive alongside any fundraising activities we may undertake.
Once you have checked that there is space at your chosen apiary, you can transfer your membership fee to the BeeEducated bank account.
Please ask for the account details. Please put your name as a reference and then contact the secretary via Facebook to check that payment has been received. The secretary will take your name and number and reserve your place, ready for enrolment and induction in January.

Please read our enrolment and induction post here!


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