Wilmslow Apiary Assets.

I am fortunate to be able to spend the time needed to look after the assets of the Apiary at Wilmslow. Following a long discussion with Ian, the Apiary Manager, I am proposing the following changes to the way we do things.

Each hive will have its own bucket and hive tool and every hive will be marked to identify the parts within the hive. I won’t mark the frames, super or brood, as really they are consumables. I want each hive to have storage for the hive tool, bucket and ring binder. Knowing what assets we have, will enable me to prepare for the coming year as each hive will need some spares and some replacements.

Each public session I try to make sure we have foundation frames available, both super and brood, I carry a small tool set to enable repairs and replacement of nails and screws as needed. If you see a problem with the equipment or fabric of the hive you are working on, please let me know. Drop me a note, call me on the phone or what’s app me directly, I don’t mind.

By having all these spares, we hope to stay on top of cross contamination between hives.  Can I ask you all to look after the area surrounding your hive, pick up and remove waste paper, refresh and empty wasp traps and the like?

Please make sure your hive is on firm foundations and not rocking around. I hope we can provide enough tie down straps to protect them from bear attacks this winter. I am making sure all hives are on stands and above the ground to defend against dampness in the hives.

In the future, there will be spare hive maintenance stands. Lighter weight stands that you can place by the hive you are working on and rest there upon the lid from the hive and the attended supers.

I do not mind spending my time to make sure you have the equipment you need to look after the Apiary bees, in return, I ask you to let me know as soon as possible when a problem arises. Remember, I am not a Bee Expert, so please do try this at home.


Kizz Street

Asset Manager.


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