The Practice Course is designed to complement the learning acquired from the Theory Course. During these sessions you will able to apply the learning to perform hive inspections, in order to ensure the health and wellbeing of a honey bee colony.

The Practice Course is designed in a way where you can apply your learning and collaborate with others whilst looking after a honey bee colony. The world of honey bees is unpredictable and therefore there is no set agenda for these sessions. During the Practice Course you will have fun whilst experiencing all aspects of beekeeping.

Hive construction and maintenance;
Swarm prevention;
Chemical and biotechnical methods for disease and parasite prevention;
Honey extraction and
Wax rendering

These sessions are facilitated in our Apiary at the Animal Sanctuary, Wilmslow. They start on Monday 04/04/2022 and occur every Monday thereafter at 18:30h, with the last session taking place on Monday 17/10/2022. This is when we put our honey bee colonies to bed for the winter months and close off the season.

The Practice Course is only available to those who successfully complete the Theory Course.