The Theory Course is designed to provide new and existing beekeepers with the learning to maintain and manage a honey bee colony through its fascinating lifecycle. The syllabus spans across several areas, and has been designed to equip you with the right learning to succeed in your journey. We have over ten years of experience and we have designed the learning to be interactive and fun, so that everyone can contribute their views and ideas, whether you are new or experienced in beekeeping.

The Theory Course is facilitated online, via Zoom. The sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes and start on Sunday 09/01/2022 at 18:30pm and will continue every Sunday thereafter, until 27/03/2022. The syllabus covers a breadth of topics and are designed to equip you with appropriate apicultural learning.

Colony Management;
Pests, Parasites, Infections and Diseases;
Swarming and Swarm Control;
Feeding and Honey Crops;
General Beekeeping Husbandry and
Complementary visit at one of the BeeEducated apiaries

Each week, the sessions are followed by a multiple-choice quiz on our learning platform, in order to test and bolster your learning. At the end of each module, you are awarded an online badge of completion. Upon successful completion of all modules and badges, you will be awarded your 2022 BeeEducated Theory Certificate, to demonstrate your knowledge of beekeeping.